Lester Kan

Lester Kan

Senior Partner

Lester has been practising in the legal field in England and Wales for 20 years, specialising in commercial litigation, immigration, business affairs and employment law.  Throughout Lester’s legal career, he has represented both businesses and individuals from over 150 countries and territories.  He has also represented international companies and is familiar with cross-jurisdictional work.  Lester is the senior partner and founder of Lester Dominic Solicitors.


Notable Cases:

Grupo Kam Lei Fong Limitada v LED Emporium (UK) Limited and others
We acted in a multi-million pound claim brought by a company in Macau and thereafter to enforce judgments of the High Court across different jurisdictions including the British Virgin Islands, the Republic of Seychelles and Hong Kong.

R (on the application of FA (Pakistan)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department
We obtained permission to appeal from the Supreme Court in this important case for which many appeals were stayed to await the outcome.

Mirab v Mentor Graphics (UK) Ltd
In this case the Employment Appeal Tribunal confirmed (for our client) an important point of principle that had been misunderstood by the Employment Tribunal, namely the importance of an appeal to the employer.  It was also a rare example of the Employment Appeal Tribunal confirming a first instance decision to have been perverse.

Singh v Bowman Sculpture Limited and others
The case drew considerable attention from the press as it involved a sculpture by Emily Young titled “Angel”.  We recovered the sculpture for our client.

Kono v Toorich Investment (London) Limited
Although it is rare for the Employment Tribunal to award costs against a Claimant, in this case the Tribunal found the Claimant conducted the case unreasonably and ordered him to pay costs to our client, his former employer.

WA (Pakistan) v Secretary of State for the Home Department
The Court of Appeal granted permission to appeal pending on the outcome of FA (Pakistan).  This appeal is important as it reaffirms the freedom of religion and belief including the “right to live freely”.

The Queen (on the application of Ul-Haque) v Secretary of State for the Home Department
Application for permission to apply for Judicial Review against a government’s decision was granted by the High Court concerning the definition of “diplomatic agent” under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations as to who is entitled to diplomatic immunity under the Diplomatic Privileges Act.  The Government Legal Department conceded the case on behalf of the Secretary of State in May 2019.

Lum v Chan
We secured freezing injunctions and findings of contempt of court in a case involving the misappropriation and diversion of business opportunities by a former manager to his new competing business.  Judgment was given by the High Court in September 2020 for more than £700,000 plus costs.