The Divorce Process– Making the Decision

The Divorce Process– Making the Decision

For many, making the final decision is often the most challenging part of the divorce process.  Acknowledging the reality that a marriage has broken down may take months or years, depending on the circumstances, and can prove to be an emotional journey.  It may be a mutual decision when a marriage has simply reached its natural end or a unilateral decision following the discovery that a husband or wife has been unfaithful.  Whatever the reason for the breakdown, it is often the fear of what lies ahead; what the financial outcome might be, how the children may be affected, and of course the legal fees that can be a stumbling block to making that final decision.

This is where consulting with a family solicitor at an early stage is strongly recommended.  Even if you are not sure whether the marriage is at an end or whether it can be saved, a solicitor can help you search for the right sort of marriage guidance or coaching.  Although, this may not suit everyone for most it will ensure that they have exhausted all options in an attempt to save their marriage.

If you are, however, convinced that your marriage has broken down but are unsure as to what your rights to property might be, how maintenance is calculated, or how the arrangements for the children can be sorted out, familiarising yourself with the law, the legal processes involved as well as the cost will allay the fear and help you reach that final decision to begin the process.

At the initial consultation we will provide you with all the information you need about the process, the different options available to you, the likely cost of each option and the likely outcome.  We will also answer all your questions so that you are equipped with sufficient knowledge to help you make that life changing decision.

If you need advice on any element of the breakdown of your marriage or relationship contact Karen Weiner on 020 8371 7400 or to arrange an initial consultation.

This article was written by Karen Weiner, Head of Family.

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